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Random Quotes

Today’s Thought:

When God cooks, you don’t see smoke.  (“Kuteka Lesa ke kumweka bwishi ne.”) ~African Proverb Zambia Aya ✌🏾


Today’s Thought:

When you are sitting in your own house, you don’t learn anything. You must get out of your house to learn. ~Ghanaian proverb Aya ✌🏾

Today’s Thought:

To try and to fail is not laziness. ~African Proverb (Unknown African source) Aya ✌🏾

Today’s Thought:

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. ~African Proverb (Unknown African source) Aya ✌🏾

Today’s Thought:

Most people write me off when they see me. They do not know my story. They say I am just an African. They judge me before they get to know me. What they do not know is The pride I... Continue Reading →

Today’s Thought:

Don’t set sail on someone else’s star. ~African Proverb

Today’s Thought:

Rain does not fall on one roof alone. - African Proverb ~Cameroon ✌🏾

Today’s Thought:

When suffering knocks on your door and you say there is no seat for him, he tells you not to worry because he has brought his own stool. ~Chinua Achebe ✌🏾

Today’s Thought:

Where you will sit when you are old shows where you stood in youth. ~Yoruba proverb ✌🏾

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