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The half-truths of Brexit and Trump

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Really interesting article grasping the Brexit and the election of Trump in USA. I wanted to write an article about both subjects, but this piece is saying what I wanted to say.
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Brexit and the Trump election were certainly about class – but not so much about the alienation of the working classes as the prerogative of the middle classes and the wealthy.

by rashné limiki

I am sat on the train, across from six suited, young, white, English-sounding men – the kind that I walk quickly past, or try not to eavesdrop on, lest I overhear something that will spoil my balance of mind. The kind who travel to Europe for ‘mini-breaks’. And for whom casual racism and sexism is a matter of course. The kind of people whose spaces I’d be cautious, if not loathe, to enter.

It is the Saturday after the referendum – they are on their way to a party, I presume. I am trying to distract myself, but I can’t help overhear a blithe reference to the vote, and some kind of pro-EU statement. ‘This is…

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The result of too much disdain for the People.

I am tired of this blaming-the people-game and always calling them names when things are not going the way the fucking Establishment want it to go! They did the same thing here in the UK after the Brexit debacle. Yet... Continue Reading →

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