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Really interesting article grasping the Brexit and the election of Trump in USA. I wanted to write an article about both subjects, but this piece is saying what I wanted to say.
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Brexit and the Trump election were certainly about class – but not so much about the alienation of the working classes as the prerogative of the middle classes and the wealthy.

by rashné limiki

I am sat on the train, across from six suited, young, white, English-sounding men – the kind that I walk quickly past, or try not to eavesdrop on, lest I overhear something that will spoil my balance of mind. The kind who travel to Europe for ‘mini-breaks’. And for whom casual racism and sexism is a matter of course. The kind of people whose spaces I’d be cautious, if not loathe, to enter.

It is the Saturday after the referendum – they are on their way to a party, I presume. I am trying to distract myself, but I can’t help overhear a blithe reference to the vote, and some kind of pro-EU statement. ‘This is…

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