I am tired of this blaming-the people-game and always calling them names when things are not going the way the fucking Establishment want it to go! They did the same thing here in the UK after the Brexit debacle.

Yet again, the Establishment and their mainstream media puppets are resorting to their usual ways: Insulting the People and blaming them for the fact that they have failed them for decades. Again, they seem not to understand. Insulting without trying to listen, understand and educate will give the same results over and over.
And again, they are stunned. They did not see it coming. From which perspective were they looking? Did they bother approaching the People? Or were they all in their PC bubble, spitting in the face of the People already down and suffering?

They had a sane alternative for this election in the US.
They had someone who was not corrupt, they had someone who was mobilizing the mass, the middle class left behind by the 2008 financial crisis. They had someone who was talking to them, who did not vote for wars over and over again or for regime changes in other countries. Someone who was counting on the people to raise money: to have Democracy in it true ideology.

But they decided to take that person away from the People. They decided to impose them a corrupt, arrogant and entitled woman whose slogan was ‘I am with HER’?
Where were the people in her slogan? Where was the country? Everything was just about the insiders in the New-York and Washington or L.A cocktail crowd and their position; for a class of people thinking that they are entitled to the power and, for the family that will guarantee a status-quo that is only beneficial to them.

So in the end, the people decided not to show up. You can not force something on the people and expect them to take it again and again and again. At some point, they get tired and they tuned out. And that is just what they did for this election.

All the manipulations during the primaries to make sure that she will be the candidate when she was so hated in the country, when she couldn’t even fill up rooms for her talks, when she was not even able to sell a book during the campaign, when people are yearning for something authentic and new.
All the cheating and the vote suppression of her OWN people during the primaries. And they thought that the people will cosign?

Almost 7 millions people less to vote in 2016 than in 2012. If this does not mean that the people were not enthusiastic, I don’t know what will.

Watch this introduction of Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention and see if there was no enthusiasm there?

Yes, there was. People wanted change. They wanted something different. They wanted someone who cared for 40 years, who never flipped because he was bought by big interests. But they decided to CHEAT the people out of this sane alternative because he was not what they wanted.
Well apparently, their candidate was not WHO the people wanted.

We can always talk about the Electoral college and the fact that she won the popular vote, but at the end of the day, people couldn’t care less about yet again the same old-old, and so they did not turn out to stroke the immense ego of an entitled and corrupt woman, nor to cosign on the perceptual lies of an Establishment that have given up on them and can careless about their condition.

~Peace Out

Aya ✌🏾